April 2017 - Event Signup Notifications AND Check-in

As an event chairperson, keeping track of how many volunteers you have ready to go is super important.  This new feature will make it even easier!

Cool features include:

  • A daily activity email with counts on number of signups and removals from your event.  
  • Activity email includes a link to a view of your event stats so you can see "realtime" how you're doing  Click HERE to view a demo  
  • Check in volunteers. YES!  Using the event link, you can now check in your volunteers right from your phone. How handy is that!
  • Add up to 3 people to receive the activity summary.  Great for the event chair and anyone else assisting.  Also perfect for adding teachers to get notifications!

Setting up your notifications

Go to Signups / Manage Events and find your event.  Click Edit and the Notify Me tab.  You can add up to 3 persons.

What you'll receive

You'll get an email with the following summary for your event:

Activity Date/Time Signups Today Deletions Today Current Signups Max Needed
Name of your activity here FRI 04/28 11:15 AM 1 0 1 3

Included will also be a direct link (no need to login :) to all the details about your event, including the names of the people signed up.   Click Here to view

Cool factor:  the event view works super on your phone!

Check in volunteers

Bookmark your event link and check in your volunteers (or send the email to your phone)