Spring Planning for Back to School

With just a few weeks remaining in the school year, take advantage of spring to secure decisions for your Back to School rollout. 

Tip: The Back-To-School interaction with families offers a golden communication opportunity. Parents' minds are open and eager to prepare for a smooth school re-entry. Make the most of it! Secure a few key decisions now -- before your board members and principal scatter to make summer memories.


  • Will membership levels change from last year?
  • What will be the membership fees for the upcoming year?
  • Is this a new concept for you? Learn more about our time-saving membership collection and tracking.


  • Might your organization be interested in selling additional products for the beginning of school, such as spirit wear or student supply kits? If so, request complete product details before the end of the school year. 


  • Will you have early volunteer needs, such as registration help, general interest or filling remaining chair positions? 
  • Now is the time for these discussions and decisions to take place.

Administration Timing

Connect with your principal to understand administration communication plans for the new school year. 

  • Ask if your principal would be willing to include a new family registration invitation from you in any summer parent mailing or emails that may be in the works. In your invitation wording, be sure to mention the benefits of being registered in your system and that only registered parents can receive email communications from your PTO/PTA and room parents. 
  • If parents will receive teacher assignments and can enter this information during data confirmation/registration, this timing will impact the timing of your roll-out. Ask your administration to keep you posted on their timing.

Inviting New Families

Make the most of all communication avenues for inviting New Families to register for your system.  These include:

  • Principal/administration postal mailing
  • Principal email
  • Social Media
  • School or PTO/PTA website
  • Parent Orientation and Open House events


Your Back to School rollout will be dependent on a few key factors. As dates begin to take shape, start sketching out a timeline. Generally, we suggest aiming to confirm families 2-3 weeks prior to the start of school.  Ideally, your timing would correlate with a summer mailing from the school that naturally gets folks' minds thinking about preparing -- and for lower schools, possibly provides teacher assignments they can enter for you.  

Here's an example of how you may plan things out: 

Note: If your school won't announce teacher assignments until just days before school begins, don't delay your rollout. Allow 2-3 weeks for parents to confirm their data before the school year begins. You can always circle back to completing class rosters once that information becomes available publicly. 

Promotion Between MSA Accounts

If more than one school in your district has an account with MySchoolAnywhere, we can promote students from the highest grade in a lower school up into the higher school account for you. All we need is an email from the downstream and upstream system administrators expressing their permission for this to occur as part of graduation. Send this email to support@myschoolanywhere.com.