Import from Feeder school

MySchoolAnywhere provides an easy way for school districts to move or promote students from lower to upper level schools.  This article outlines how to either request or authorize another school to promote or receive parent and student information upon graduation.  

In this article we use the following definitions:

  • Feeder school:  A school that is a lower level school where students promote or graduate to another school.  For example:  If you are an elementary school you are typically a Feeder school to a middle school.
  • Upper tier school:  A school that receives students from a feeder school.  Using the example above, the middle school is the Upper Tier school

Elementary -> Middle or Middle -> High School


  • For Upper Tier schools:  Families and students will be automatically imported from approved Feeder school(s) AFTER your graduation process is run.  Please make sure that all your authorizations are approved before you request the graduation.  If you wish to import before, you must make a special request by contacting support.  
  • For Feeder schools:  this process has NO effect on your account and does not impact the timing of your graduation. You simply authorize your highest graduating students to be promoted and our support team will take it from there.

How it works:

This process will "copy" the seniors (and all family info, but not siblings) from the Feeder school to an Upper tier school.

To access this feature go to  Account Settings / Import / Request a Feeder School Import. Here you'll see any lower level schools that feed in to your account.  If you don't see a school, please contact us at and we can set this up for you.  Setup only needs to be done once.

  1. The Upper Tier school requests approval by clicking on the "Request Approval" button provided.  This will send an email to the Feeder School. This email is sent to the primary administrator and also the Contact Email if one is provided.
  2. The email contains a link which the Feeder School admin will use to access the Approval page. 
  3. The Feeder school can either accept or decline, entering their name and any comments.  The response is recorded and an email is sent to the requesting Upper Tier admin notifying them of a response.
  4. The Upper Tier admin monitors their requests in their admin account and, once all schools have accepted, submit your graduation request.  

Note:  Submitting your graduation request also authorizes our team to import any approved feeder schools.  If you do not wish this to be done at the same time, you must note this in the comments when you submit your request.