Setting Parent Portal Directory Viewing Criteria

You have complete control over who can view your student directory in the Parent Portal.  

Go to Account Settings / Parent Portal.  Here you'll see your options for controlling who can view the directory in addition to options for closing the portal or directory

  • Portal open or closed -   If open, your parent's can login.  If closed, they will be directed to a page with a your message and will not have access to any feature in the parent portal
  • Directory open or closed - this option will close your directory to all parents, regardless of viewing criteria set.  This is handy if you wish to close the directory to everyone while you confirm information or are setting up class rosters and don't wish parents to view.
  • Directory Viewing Criteria - this option sets who can search the directory or print (printing is only available in the desktop version of the portal)
    • All parents - this option allows ALL parents to view the directory
    • All members - set this option if only members can view.  What is a member?  A member is a parent or family that has their membership status checked to YES.  To view who is currently a member in your account go to Members / Family or Parents and select Member = Yes.  Important:  if every parent in your account is considered a "member" then set you viewing criteria to all parents.
    • Only Confirmed families - set this if you want only families that have confirmed their data to view the directory.  Caution:  only set this option the day before you send out the confirmation email.  Setting this before parents get a chance to confirm will lock out all parents from viewing.

IMPORTANT:   If you have ANY question about how to set this feature, please set to All Parents and contact us at support for assistance.  

Note:   All faculty with portal accounts can view the directory.