Website Template

We consider a website to be a valuable component in your communication infrastructure.  So much so, that if you don't currently have an effective website but would like to, as a courtesy, our support team will get you started at no charge. 

We've developed a few sample templates with site host companies Weebly and Wix. We have no affiliation with these website providers other than arranging this service and an optional discount for our MSA customers. Both companies provide free website services. The discount is for those of our customers who opt for a more feature-packed subscription available for a fee.   

Following are a few sample template to review. 

If you like one, submit an email request to our support team requesting the one of your preference be started for you.  It will look just like these but have the custom links from your account put in for direct access to family registration, your store and volunteering.  From there, you will customize the page in anyway that suits your needs.  Our connection to your page ends with creating your initial account and template to get you going.