How to issue a refund

Sometimes a sale doesn't work out.  Either the product is no longer wanted or they paid twice.  To issue a refund, do the following:

Online Sales

  1. Refund the sale in PayPal.  This will credit the purchasers credit card
  2. Delete the sale from the sales log under Store / Review sales
  3. If the product was a Membership Type (Family, Parent, etc.) go to Membership and the respective page and update the membership status (deleting the sale doesn't automatically clear their membership)
  4. Optionally, if you wish to keep an audit in your MSA account, add an offsetting manual sale.
    1. Go to Store / Record a Sale
    2. Click to Add a Sale
    3. Select the product and Add
    4. Proceed to the payment recording page and edit the price of the item to a negative value (-10 for example)
    5. Save the sale

Offline Sales

  1. Go to Store / Review Sales and delete the sale.