Reconciling between MSA and PayPal

We recommend that monthly you reconcile your MSA and PayPal accounts to insure that all transactions are posting between the 2 services.  

There are 2 exports you'll need for this:  1 from MSA and another from PayPal.  See below on how to get these exports.  

Once you have these exports, you can merge or use a lookup in Excel to compare. 

Click HERE to download a sample spreadsheet to reconcile transactions

Export from MSA:

  1. Login and go to Store / Review Sales
  2. Select your criteria including Entry Method of Online Store.  These are the sales posted by PayPal
  3. Click on Report and Export and select PayPal Reconciliation export

Export from PayPal:

  1. Login and go to Reports
  2. Go to Activity Download
  3. Click the link to Customize Report Fields 
  4. Make sure Cart Details is checked
  5. Then export for the time period in question.