Editor Quick Reference Guide

The software comes with a powerful, built-in HTML editor to help you create great looking emails and custom text above your forms and on your directory home page.
Please review the guide below on some of the most common features.  Follow from left to right in the toolbar:  

Top Row:

  • Source:  Click this button to toggle between the message and the raw HTML.  Helpful for those wanting more control over the formatting.  Best used by those with some HTML skills.
  • Preview and Print:  preview or print the email to see what your email will look like sent.
  • Paste:  There are 3 paste options to choose from including pasting from Word.  Depending on your browser you may get a popup to paste in your text or, in IE, it will paste the text where your cursor is.
  • Search and Replace:  search for text and replace with new text.
  • Spell check:  The default is enabled which will spell check your work as it is entered. 
Middle Row:  
  • Formatting:  bold, italic, underline, strike through and the last option to clear the formatting.
  • Bullets and numbers for your lists.
  • Indent
  • Block text:  this option will put a nice "block" and format your text in italics
  • Div:  use this to add a break in you email between blocks of text
  • Alignment:  left, center, right or justify
  • Links and anchors:  use this feature to link to documents or websites hosted on other sites.
  • Image:  link to an image in your dropbox Public folder and add graphics to your email.  Click here to learn more
  • Table:  use this tool to create a table of data.  For example:  you may want a table of names and email addresses for contact information.
  • Horizontal line:  puts a nice line between blocks of text.  
  • Show blocks:  this will show how your data blocks are laid out.  Provides a kind of "x-ray" of your text.
Bottom row:
  • Styles, formatting, font size and color:  these options let you customize the text and look of your email.
  • Line height:  customize the space between paragraphs or text lines.
Our built in editor is provided by CK Editor.  Please go here to view additional details for each command you'll find in the toolbar: http://docs.cksource.com/CKEditor_3.x/Users_Guide/Quick_Reference