Connecting to a Google Calendar

There are 2 ways to connect the directory to your Google Calendar in the application.

  • Linking - this is the easiest and is how the calendar will be viewed in the mobile app.  
  • Embedding -  you can embed in the html in your online directory home page
  • Google resources - additional reference information and important security tip for G Suite users

Linking in mobile app

The mobile app automatically links to a default Google holiday calendar which can be replaced with your school's Google Calendar's address.  Follow these steps to get the URL that you will paste into the Calendar field located under Parent Portal Setup / Calendar.

Step 1:  Get a Google / Gmail account if you don't already have one.  It's Free!  

Step 2:  If importing from your school's calendar, go here on the Google help site.  Follow the steps to make your calendar public 

Step 3:  then get the calendar address link following the pictures below

Step 4:  Go to Online Directory / Home Page and the App Calendar tab  and replace the link shown and save.

Tip:  You can change a google calendar layout to Agenda Mode by adding the following text to the end of your HTML calendar address: &mode=AGENDA

Embedding on home page

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to embed a Google Calendar into your directory home page.  

Tip:  When customizing your calendar, edit the width = 100%.  This will make the calendar fit on any size device from a large computer to a phone.

Additional Google Resources

Additional reference information can be found  here on Google's support center or by searching the web on "how to embed a Google calendar"

Using G Suite?  Please go here to view information on how to share -