Using Dropbox for file hosting

Dropbox is a free, easy to use document and image hosting service on the web.  We recommend dropbox because we find it the easiest to use of all the file storage sites (there are tons out there) and takes minutes to set up.  

You'll also find that it's a really handy tool for your parent organization.  It lets you create folders and store all kinds of documents that you reuse year after year.  Now you'll never have to worry about where the flyer for last year's fundraiser is!

Getting started with dropbox is a simple 2 step process:

  1. Create your free account by going to
  2. Upload your files.  These could be images or documents.  You may also want to create folders to organize your account and to share with others in your organization.  Here is a link to the dropbox support center with instructions on how to upload files: