FAQ: Parent Portal

How do I give myself parent access to the portal as the administrator?

As the administrator you do not have automatic parent access. 

  1. Make sure you are entered as a parent (or faculty) with an email address. You can use the same email for both your parent record and admin or it can be different.
  2. Go to Portal Access / Parent.  Find your parent account.  Grant access by clicking Send. An access email will be sent to you. If this email address already has access as administrator or parent with another school, this process will add parent access for this account to your current login.  If this email address didn't previously have access, check for an access email for a temporary password to login with this email address.

TIp:  Consider having a unique email address for the administrator different than your personal email address, such as 'schoolname.directory@gmail.com'. This allows your directory email to be kept organized and separate from your personal email. 

It also means your school community and website won't need to adjust to a new email address each time the position of administrator changes hands.

How do I give or remove access for a individual parent or faculty?

There will be times when you want to give access to individuals or remove or resend access information as opposed to giving access by groups

  1. Go to Portal Access / Parent or Faculty.  Search for parents by their last name, email address or whether or not they have online access.  Choose More Search Options to search by membership status or confirmation.
  2. Once you've located the parent(s) you wish to manage, you can review when the access email was last sent.  
  3. You can decide to Send, Re-Send or Remove access:  
    • Send:  Sends the custom access email with a link to login and their temporary password.
    • Re-Send:  resets the parent or faculty user password and send the access email.
    • Remove:  deletes the user access for the parent or faculty selected.

How do I change an email address after granting access?

Once a parent or faculty has been granted access you will need to remove their access before you can change their email and grant back.

  1. Revoke access for that email by searching for the parent. Go to People / Parent and find the parent.
  2. Click the Remove Access link. Now Edit the family and change the email.
  3. Grant back access by going to Portal Access / Parent  and click the Send button for the selected parent.

Here is the link to put on your site for parents to login:   https://www.myschoolanywhere.com/login.a5w.  Copy this link and put on your website, send in an email or place anywhere you want parents to get access to the system.

Many schools use social media to get their messages out.  Use the follow:

Can I use the sponsor ads for school notices and functions?

Sure!  The space is available for anything you wish to display to your parents.  Many schools use the space to link to flyers, their school website calendar and more.  

Can parents login to multiple schools with one login?

Yes.  When a parent is given access to your account, it checks to see if their user record already exists.  If so, your account is added to their current account.  

When a parent that has access to multiple schools logs in, the system will ask them which school they wish to view.

Why isn't the street address included in the reports available for the parent to print?

For security reasons, we do NOT print all contact information. This is because these reports are being generated in a PDF format. PDF documents are not secure and can be easily published on the web. While most folks wouldn't think of making these documents public, we have limited the data to mitigate any impact if someone does.

If you want to give a parent a complete PDF, you can generate as an administrator and email.  However, we advise you to add a password to the PDF before you send.  You can find sites online to do this free.  While passwords can be "hacked" it is at least a deterrent to those that wish to share the file.