Granting and managing access (portal accounts)

In order for parents and faculty to log into your parent portal, they need to have portal accounts created.  This simple step will create the user account, including login credentials, for the individual and send an email with access instructions, including a temporary password.   Click here to learn how to customize the access email message.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you've set the Directory Viewing Criteria under Account Settings / Parent Portal before you proceed with this next step. Some customers choose to limit directory viewing to payed members only. 

Tip:  Once you've set Directory Viewing Criteria under Portal Settings (New June 2017), we recommend creating login access (i.e. portal accounts) for all parents and faculty members in your system, unless they are guests. 

In this lesson you'll learn how to:

Note:  The system "knows" who already has an account.  When you send account information, it will only send an email to those who do NOT have one.  You can choose to Re-Send an account email to individual parents or faculty who have lost their instructions or they can go to the login page and click "Forgot my Password" (Recommended).

Manage login access for individual parents, members, or faculty

You control who gets an account to your Parent Portal.  Use the search feature to find the parent(s) you wish to give access to.

Go to Portal Accounts.  Click on Parents or Faculty.

  • Send will send an email with their login instructions, including their temporary password
  • Resend will send an email with the login instructions AND will reset the user's password
  • Remove will delete the user's account and not allow them to login

Create accounts for all parents or faculty

In the prior step we searched and sent to individual parents.  Typically, you'll want to send to all .  Go to Portal Accounts and Manage All

  • All parents: this will grant access to any parent with an email address.
  • All faculty: this will grant access to any faculty with an email address

Registrants with missing email data

Email address is required to have a portal account. Parents or faculty members missing email address data are ineligible for portal accounts.