Adding additional administrators

In this article we will review:

Understanding Admin Roles:

You can assign administrators to the following roles.  With the exception of the Junior Admin role, all roles are related to the menu functions.  A user can be assigned to one or many roles.

  • Junior Administrator - this role has access to all features with the exception of 3 functions under Account Settings. These include Profile & Billing, Admin Users and Graduation Request. 
  • Manage People - Can create and modify Family and Faculty records, modify Class Rosters or accept New Families under People.
  • Membership - this role can record and report on membership activity.
  • Signups - this role can create Events and Activities, assign and report on parents that have signed up.
  • Store - this role can manage your store, record and report sales and update membership.
  • Email - this role can create, edit and send email blasts
  • Parent Portal - this role can edit Parent Portal Setup as well as manage Portal Accounts for parents and faculty.

How the Primary Administrator can add administrators to your account:

Go to Account Settings  / Admin Users 

  • Your first view includes a listing of all existing account administrators. If this is your first time adding, this list will be empty. Click on the Add Administrators button to add a new admin user.
  • Select a role or roles for the person you are granting access. Enter their name and email address, then Save.
  • An email will be automatically sent notifying them they now have access to the admin portal. If they have no other access to the system, the email will include a temporary password.  If this parent already has a parent portal account for your school's system, then this process will add their admin privileges to their existing account and login credentials.