Changing your account email and password

As the years roll over and new folks take the helm you will need to change the administrator email on your account.  

Please follow these simple instructions:  

  1. Login as the administrator to your account using the current email and password.
  2. Go to Account Settings / Profile and Billing
  3. To change the email:  click the Change Email link and put in the current email address and then the new email address.  
  4. To change the password click Change Password.  Enter your current password and the new one and save.

IMPORTANT:  If you get an error that you can't change you need to check to see if the person taking over has an account in the system (either as a parent or junior administrator) you will need to revoke their access BEFORE you can make them the primary administrator.  They could have junior admin access or parent access or both.  

To revoke parent access:

  • Go to Portal Access / Parent
  • Find the parent via search and select Remove

To revoke junior admin access:

  • Go to Account Settings  / Admin Users
  • Click the red X next to the email of the parent to remove

Tip:  Don't forget to change the name of the person managing the account.  Go to Admin / My Account to update.