Import guidelines, templates and steps

Importing is a great way to populate your account with data that you already have.  (Please note that Importing simply add the data from the spreadsheet into your account, it does not update existing family information. You would use the Data Confirmation process to get existing families to update their information).

We provide 3 import templates:  two for families (parent, household and student data) and a separate one for faculty.

In this article we will review:

Import Guidelines:

Please review the following guidelines for importing into your account.

  • Make sure you have authorization from the owner of the data to import. If your data is NOT approved for publishing, we highly recommend that you send out the data confirmation email after the import is completed. 
  • Determine whether you are an opt in or opt out school.  Please see the related article below.  
  • We review your data and upload it for you.  This helps ensure that your data is clean and ready to go the first time.  We can also quickly spot any issues and let you know if anything needs to be fixed.
  • Two Import Format options
    • One Row per Student - Each row contains complete family information for a single student. Our import procedure will combine siblings into a single MySchoolAnywhere family record where the Last Name AND at least one parent email matches. 
    • One Row per Family - All family data must be on a single row meaning that all parents and students are together (i.e. all siblings are in the same row). 
    • Some student information systems (SIS) provide information as one row per student/parent (so a student with two parents would export as two separate rows of data). You will need to combine these into a single row in order to populate either of our templates. You may want to send a copy of our template to your school's SIS administrator to see if they can populate their export in a similar format.

Import Templates:

Click Here to get the "1 row per Family" Import Template

Click Here to get the "1 row per Student" Import Template 

Click Here to get the Faculty Import Template

  • When you open the template enable macros.  These are used to run the error checks.  (MAC Users:  You may only be able to run Error Checks 3 & 5. We will run the other checks when the file is submitted)
  • Columns cannot be moved or deleted.  If you don't have data for a column, leave it blank.
  • Do NOT change the column names.  The names are used to match your data to our system and if you change the names, it won't work.
  • Do not populate a column with data if it is information you do not want imported into the directory.  For example:  if a parent doesn't want their address shown, you should not import.

Feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions before you start.  

Import Steps:


Populate your data in the worksheet named "Directory Data" by copying from your source document and pasting into the template. 

Run the Error checks.   You'll see these when you first open the template on the worksheet named "Error Checks"  Please review the related article linked below regarding error checks.
Submit your data for import.  Click on the link below to upload your file for importing.

Click HERE to submit your file for import.

Tip:  It's handy to organize your "source" file columns to more closely match our columns before you copy and paste.