Import template Error Checks

When you first open the import template you will be asked to enable macros.  These macros are safe to run and will be used to help you clean up any problems with your data.  Say YES to enable.   

MAC Users:  You may only be able to run Error Checks 3 & 5. We will run the other checks when the file is submitted.

Error Check 1:  Validate email addresses

This step will check for invalid email addresses. Some of the items it will check for include:

  • Spaces in the email address
  • Missing @ symbols (or double @ symbols)
  • Invalid symbols such as ; > < , #
  • Must contain a dot (.) after the @ symbol

This step will check all 4 parent email columns and all student email columns. 

Error Check 2:  Check duplicate e-mail addresses within families 

This step will check to see if Parent 1 and Parent 2's emails are the same. You will need to remove one of the duplicate emails in each family. 

Error Check 3:  Check duplicate email addresses across families (only applies to "1 row per Family" import template) 

In the MySchoolAnywhere website an email can be used for multiple parent or faculty records.  However, we do check to ensure that either the email or last name are different to avoid duplicate records.  This step will check to see if any emails have been used more than once within the spreadsheet for the same family.   Possible errors would be where you have multiple rows, one for each student, all in the same family (last name and email being the same). 

Error Check 4:  Validate Phone Numbers 

This step will check that each phone number has 10 digits and also formats the phone numbers appropriately for our website. 

Error Check 5:  Set opt-in 

This step will set all your families as either Opt-in or Opt-out.  For Opt-in schools, all families are marked as Don't Print/Don't Display and the family has to Opt-in in order to be included in the directory. For Opt-out schools, all families are automatically in the directory unless they Opt-out. 

Please see the article titled "Are you an Opt-in versus Opt-out school?"  referenced below for a more in depth explanation of opt in versus opt out.