FAQ: Importing

Can the imported data update existing family contact information?

Yes. If the family Last Name and 1 parent email matches an existing family then the incoming student will be added to the existing family, with two exceptions. If the student is already in the existing family, or there is more than 1 existing family match, then no action will be taken and the importing family will be flagged for your review.   

Can I have you delete all my existing family data and import fresh for the school year?

Sure.  Just let us know when you submit the import.  We will delete all families in your account leaving all other information intact.  Please remember that deleting a family will remove any access they have.  Once you've imported, you will need to grant your parents access.

How does the system handle duplicates?

See "Can the imported data update existing family contact information?" above for how we handle matching family info.

How to I note students with different last names in the same family?

Each row in the import template represents a "family" with a specific last name (first column).  This  is the student's last name.  If you have 2 students with different last names but the same contact information, put each in a separate row and duplicate all the other information.  Once you upload you can add a family display note to show that these students are related.

Why doesn't the import have a teacher column for my class rosters?

The class rosters will need to be built once your data is uploaded.  This is because there is a unique link created in the system between the student and the teacher.  Creating your class rosters is fairly easy using our Class Roster feature.  You can find the details here

Do I have to provide information in all the columns?

No.  All the columns do not need to be filled out.  Do NOT delete columns, just leave them blank.  

I only have a parent name and email, can I import that and have parents fill out the rest?

Sure.  This is a super easy way to get up and running quickly.  Once the import is done, you can send out the data confirmation email.  This will allow parents to enter the remaining information they wish to add.  

Can I pay you to convert my data and put into your template?

Yes. While we find that most folks can do this on their own, we do understand that sometimes it's best to get the experts on the case.  Please send an email to support@myschoolanywhere.com with a sample of your current import (just a few rows will suffice) and we will review and get back to you.