Adding, updating and deleting families

Typically your families will add themselves or family data is imported.  However, there will be times where you will need to add a family as the administrator, update or delete a family.

In this lesson we will review:

Adding a family

Families can be added from the top quick links menu by clicking  + Add  or you can go to People / Families and click the green Add a Family button.   

The family data is structured as follows:

  • Students:  a family can have unlimited students 
  • Households:  each family can have 2 households.  This is useful for divorced families where a student resides in both homes.
  • Parents:  each household can have 2 parents.  

After you've added the last name of the family, you will be taken to the details page to enter students and additional family information:

  • Students:  Add the students first, grade and teacher if applicable and save student info.
  • Household 1 and Household 2 tabs:  Enter address, home phone and parent contact information for each household
  • Details:  Define the primary parent for email communication, a family display note and an internal note.
  • Display OptionsIndicate directory display or print exclusions by household.  Display exclusions include all for print, all for online, or all phone, all address and all email.
  • Directory:  Track order and payment details for the distribution of print directories.
  • Family Membership:  Track membership payment details if your organization has membership by family rather than individual.  Please see the membership section for more details.
  • Confirmation Details collected during family data confirmation.

Once you've completed adding the family details SAVE the record to commit to the system.

Tip:  The system doesn't require students or parents to add a family.  You can have families with students and no parent information or vice versa, families with parents and no students.  This is handy for adding people from your community that volunteer or want to receive email.

Editing a family or student

To edit a family go to People / Families and search for the family.  You can also go to the Student or Parent  for additional searches.  From the Actions button select Edit Family or Edit Students.

Deleting a student

To delete a student, select Edit Students from the Actions button.  In the student window, click the Red X to the left of the student's First Name.

Deleting a family

From People / Families, select the Actions button, then select Delete.  This will delete the family, parents and students.  If the parent's have directory access, it will be removed and they can no longer log in.