Adding and updating Faculty

In this lesson we will review:

Adding faculty

Add teachers by going to  People / Faculty and clicking the green Add Faculty button.  

  • Last and first name of the faculty
  • "Is Teacher" is used to mark teachers that have rosters.  Check this box for all teachers that you would like to assign students to.  Leave blank for administrators, aides, etc.
  • Position:  defaults to teacher if the box above is checked.  
  • Grade is their default grade.  Students from any grade can be assigned to any teacher.
  • Group:  Faculty groups are a handy way to group your faculty for your directory.  See details below.
  • Email:  to be used for communication as well as for access to the online directory.
  • Phone:  put in the complete phone or just the extension.  Tip:  for mobile dialing put in the complete phone number, a comma and space, then the extension.  This tells the dialer to pause before the extension and makes dialing super easy.
  • Room Parents:  here is where you will assign room parents to a teacher.  This is a free form text field that will appear on the roster reports as well as display with the faculty information.
  • Print Rank:  this is the order the faculty will appear on reports for faculty not checked as a teacher.  Handy when you want to order the Principal first, Vice Principal second, etc.
  • #Directories:  If you are printing your directory, use this field to indicate the number of printed directories the teacher will receive.

Tip:   Faculty can be an actual person, team or home room.  For example:  most middle schools don't use a traditional roster but assign students to a home room or team .  Keep in mind how you want to organize your directory when adding your faculty.  

The "is teacher" checkbox designates whether this faculty will get students assigned.

Edit faculty

To edit a family go to People / Faculty.   From the Actions button select Edit.  

Changing email:  if there is a note next to the email address that says "Has Online Access" you must first remove their access before you can change.  Go to Portal Accounts / Faculty to remove.

Adding a photo

Photos are a great way to put a face to a name and really helpful for parents to familiarize themselves with your school's staff.  To add a photo select Add Photo from the Actions dropdown.

The photo will appear with the faculty in the online and mobile directory.  Photos do not appear on the printable reports.

Delete faculty

To delete a faculty select Delete from the Actions button.

Notes about deleting:

  • As with editing, if this faculty has access, you must remove their access first before you can delete.
  • If this is a teacher with a roster of students assigned, you must first remove their students.  Go to People / Class Rosters and find the teacher.  Click the View / Remove button to remove the students assigned.

Faculty Groups

Groups are a great way to categorize your faculty and make it easier for parents to find who they want to contact.  For example:  create an administration group for staff and a PE group for the physical ed department.  Especially useful for middle and high schools.  

The Faculty Groups button appears at the bottom of the faculty listing.  

Tip:  You don't need to add groups for grades.  Searching and reporting teachers by grade is already built into the application.  

Email Class

You can enable Teachers to send email to their class using our Room Parent feature. To do so, just click Add on the Faculty list. Clicking Remove will end their ability to send email to their class.